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“It’s important to find what suits who you are because style isn’t only what you wear, it’s what you project”. What we wear affects our mental and physical performance. This is what HIS Studio calls as the 'Science of Dressing'.

Suit Details
Suit Details

The Corporate Blues, the Doctor’s White Jacket, the Black Dinner Jacket, the Black Funeral Jacket are all exemplifications of the 'Science of Dressing'. ​Have you wondered how a black jacket portrays both celebration and a solemn period?

The entire story lies in the details.

HIS Studio emphasizes the intricacies that define a garment. An understanding of the silhouettes that suit an individual is what we focus on. The detail on each suit is what shows to the world how much you really care. We, as a brand, largely focus on instilling this culture in every patron of ours. 

Wearing a suit spurs your mind to think in an abstract, open-minded way. 

We understand how to dress a person in accordance with the occasion.

Wine Suit

An understated look is as important as a bold look. A calm demeanor can be turned into debonair by the use of embellishments on the look. We help our patrons achieve this differentiation with ease. HIS Studio values the emotions of an individual and we, as a brand, help the individual communicate these emotions through their dressing.

They say, "God lies in the details" 
Welcome to our place of worship.

Sometimes if you wear suits for too long, it changes your ideology

- Joe Salvo