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"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them!" - Marc Jacobs. The patronage plays a pivotal role in defining the clothes and the ensemble. We endeavor to focus on the style that best represents our patronage. 'Style' speaks about a gentleman even without him having spoken. We aid our clientele to discover their distinct style. We help our clientele find their inner-self with the details that best define them and their clothing. The truth lies in the details. Details make experiences. The path to excellence begins with attention to detail. For us, 'God lies in the details!'.


Over the years we have sought out many new fabrics for our customers, some of them luxurious, some of them practical, all of them beautiful. We select our fabrics for their performance, their look, and the comfort they offer.


A tailoring experience with HIS Studio starts with selecting the finest fabrics, choosing the style, and cut and discovering tailoring techniques that will result in a suit crafted exactly to your measurements and personalized details inside and out. HIS Studio has a genuine dedication to craft, personalization, and heritage that is woven into every aspect of its collections.

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Mon - Sat : 10am - 6pm
Sun : Closed

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